Latex Rubber Diaper Pants by KINKY DIAPERS

KINKY DIAPERS is offering a wide range of diaper pants and rubber pull-on pants to fetish lovers. KINKY DIAPERS is a sublabel of SUPERLIQUID and provides you with a selected collection of LATEX RUBBER  PANTIES, BLOOMERS, RUBBER PULL-ON PANTS and cute ADULT BABY CLOTHES

SUPERLIQUID is a synonym for fresh and bold creations that make your fetish dreams come true.Our products are all assembled and before shippment doublechecked, manufactured in natural LATEX, (not PVC !). All our latex rubber pants are carefully by hand glued and are much different from many products normally available in the baby scene and naturally have therefore a much longer lifespan due to better quality in comparison to molded or sewn rubber pants.

Friends of diaper pants and rubber pull-on pants will find in our shop everything what a AB/DL heart desires. The rubber panty enthusiast will find as well a large assortment of latex briefs, bloomers and rubber panties. Please notice that none of our rubber pants contains any PVC they are all made of 100% natural latex rubber. Allow your eyes to be pampered by glancing through our latex panty shop, and indulge into the fantasies of wearing our designs. Spoil your body with our soft and visionary diaper pants and delight yourself by wearing our exciting and stimulating body wear.

If you have questions about our product range, we shall be pleased to help you. We will advise you gladly about all our latex rubber  pants. Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone call or e-mail. There is a wide variety of latex colors and shapes that we love to find the right form which fits you comfortably and suits you well.

KINKY DIAPERS is pleased to your enquiry.